Cognitive disorders, depression and work ability at the menopause.


INVITATION – Presential Meeting of the B elgian Menopause Society – Sat, March 11, 2023 – “Cognitive disorders, depression and work ability at the menopause” (1) (1) (1) (1)



The meeting will take place on Saturday morning, in Brussels, 

“Cognitive disorders, depression and work ability at the menopause  ". 

8h45 Registration 

9h Philip Kiss (Securex) : Relation between Burnout, Menopause and Hormones 

Menopause 11-03-2023

9h30 Herman Depypere (UG) Alzheimer disease, menopause and hormones. 


10h Petra Verdonk (Amsterdam UMC-VU University) Menopause and work. 

Verdonk Menopause and work_Brussels_230311 DEF


1030 Coffee break and visit to the booths 

11h Kurt Segers  Neurology Department Memory Clinic CHU Brugmann (VUB/ULB)’When 

to address your patient to a memory clinic or not ?

When to refer a patient to a memory clinic 

11h 30 Sven Müller (UG) The influence of androgens and estrogens on mental health 



12h Conclusions and take home messages 

Accreditation has been requested 

Site of the meeting 

CHU Saint-Pierre – UMC Sint-Pieter 

Rue Haute 322 Hoogstraat 

Bâtiment FORUM Gebouw 


Parking is available 


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